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tv   Local 12 News at 6  CBS  March 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we do know one car did go into the river, after one witness telling us, it was either a red the accident. they flipped over the wall and went straight into the water and immediately sank, because he didn't see anyone come out as crews continued to search here. almost a link of the bridge, you have, first responders, fire trucks, police officers, and as they conduct the investigation. within witness said they heard a loud bang and three or more. and there's more information you. >> brad, thank you. we have team coverage on the scene of the crash. >> angela ingram joins us from the river bank. what are you seeing? >> a very active situation here. we are along kellogg avenue. you could see, plenty of rescue
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the sheriff helicopter flying high assisting in this. it was just shocking to the people who were camping out here along the river. they are telling me, roughly around 4:00, 4:30, they hear the loud crash. they knew it was on the bridge. they sometimes sees small accidents. they heard this loud crash. few seconds later, similar to what brad underwood just said, they see a red vehicle fly off the side and go nose down into the river they say it sounded like dynamite in the river. they walked to a few witnesses a short while ago. this is what they had to say. the car came up the bridge and
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>> now the eastbound lanes of traffic looked like it's still closed. you have traffic on the opposite side crawling. people are probably aware what has occurred. you know, thousands of people travel the route every single day. the coumbs bridge obviously a main connecter for people who live in the east side of town into kep -- kentucky. we heard shocking and dismay, people saying, what their thoughts and prayers are with the family. obviously, the people in the car, they are hoping the people will recover. they say it's surreal. you see it happen, you hear it and next thing, you call 911, hoping the people in the car, could be rescued. that's the latest, angela ingram, back to you >> have your helicopter show us under the bridge. there's early calls people have seen bodies or people are alive that.
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anybody who said they saw someone escape that car? . >> people we talk to you first at say they may have seen somebody who may is surfaced. that's what we're hearing from the witnesses with whom we spoke. they don't believe they saw anyone emerge from the vehicle and flown or anything. they thought, okay, maybe they are okay. after that, this -- they told me, they believe that's debris. >> it seems like it may be easy to find in the river. it's not. there's quite a bit search crews. they've trained for years and nobody, so far has been able to find the car, which is so unfortunate >> the people we talked to, it was on the surface, maybe a couple of seconds. after that, they never seen it come back up. they have not seen it resurfaced resurfaced.
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well trained. they will likely go about the business of making sure that they get the car to the surface and seeing if nip is able to get out of the vehicle and get to the shoreline. >> i know you will stay in the story, and check back in. meantime, if you just joined us, eastbound i-75 is closed around 271 heading to the coumbs bridge, and maybe for hours. you could get local breaking news alert anytime. download the app and they will send you an alert. >> and the outcome tonight, it will have a huge impact in the race for the white house. >> voting is going on in all five of the primary states. for the democrats, about 14 percent will be awarded. florida, the big prize at 214, followed by illinois. ohio has 143 democratic
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and for the republicans, about 15 percent of delegates are up for grabs. ohio is john kasich's home state. florida is home to g.o.p. contender, marco rubio. ohio has 56 republican delegates. local 12, jeff hirsh, bald winn, near cleveland. jeff is live with more, rather big prize that is ohio. jeff? >> it comes down to ohio. you've been around for a while. every november, it seems to come down to ohio. now in march, it will come down to ohio. we'll find out, is there a party for john kasich? if he doesn't win ohio, basically, his campaign is finished. at polling places across ohio, those voting in the republican presidential primary had four choices.
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>> who did you vote for today? >> trump. >> why? i think we just need another character like ronald reagan. somebody that gets in there and stirs up the pot? >> or? >> kasich? >> why. >> because he's the better choice. >> what about donald trump? >> i don't think he could get anything done. he is president of company and nobody will do anything for them. he can't fire them. you can't fire the congress. can't fire the senate. >> governor kasich in suburban columbus. >> what do you have to say donald trump? >> you will not ruin my day. >> kasich had plenty to stay. >> donald trump has created a
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they allowed the supporters and those who seek confrontation, to come together in violence. there's no place for this. there's no place for a national leader to prey on the fears of people who live in our great country >> unlike the previous primaries leading to this, republican primary in ohio and florida, winner take all. if john kasich could win in ohio, that gives him the strength to continue. he's not -- not going to expect to win a lot of primaries. at least it allows them to go to the convention, where donald trump doesn't have enough delegates. in other words, if john kasich loses here, marco rubio loses in fo. the juggernaut may be inevitable. no significant opposition.
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florida, he may have that projectory with enough delegates with the projection in cleveland. live in barea. >> and tell me what the polls are saying before the election? was it a tie or was someone slightly in the lead? do you know? >> you may call it a statistical tie. the real case politics had kasich up 3 1/2 percent, which is basically a tie. he did make some great progress and became ahead. in other words, this is his home state. we'll find out what that really means. >> the republican caucus was held in the northern marianna islands. remote territory made up of 15 islands in the pacific ocean. those nine delegates will go to donald trump. >> it's a make or break day for some candidates.
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it's been busy, and the polls don't close until 7:30. joe webb with a looken o how things are going? church. you could see there's about 20 people waiting to check in. about 10-12 people anytime. voting, and all over the county it's been busy. the good news, the headaches that plagued hamilton voters in november, didn't show up. they didn't come back. despite a turnout in hamilton county, things have gone smoothly. >> the board of directions has been honest, the moment polls open this morning. >> board of elections voter, made the rounds to make sure polls were running smoothly. by midday, always good. >> things are going great. all the calls in hamilton county were open on time. voters are being processed smoothly.
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>> november election was a disaster. technical issues made for long lines. more training, more trouble shooters, made november a distant memory. >> there was a long line. i went after work, when the polls were closing. long lines. it was frustrating after you get >> not this time? it was okay. >> very easy much very easy. fill in the blanks and put in the machine and you're ready to go. >> no drama, no confusion. >> no, none whatsoever. it went very smoothly. >> the county brought young teenagers to help. bailey mason, worked the polls hill. booth program. >> we're checking in voters as they come in to vote. we're doing it -- my mom said they needed younger people to
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they knew more about technology. we've been helping it run smoothly. >> the run they are referring to is the director. taylor checked with her mom with no problem. and even though there's a pressure. cherry checked in, filled her ballot and cast her vote in less than five minutes. that seemed to be very typical. most of the people in the line will be able to vote in 5-10 minutes tops. turnout is more than 30 percent in hamilton county. already, as of 5:30, 169 thousand votes have been cast in hamilton county. 98 thousand. and 3 thousand provisional votes. that's as of 7:30. more than 30 percent of the vote already. the busiest time here, every election, is between 6:00 and 7:00. still, a lot of people coming
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sign for all of us, people come out to vote. we did find, at least one 17-year-old voting. good news. >> how about that? it's a good thing they have the tech savvy young people. they seem to keep things going. they don't get intimidated, do they. >> the young woman was talking to us and her mother, the director said, you know, after they trained the young kids, the kids are like, this is what you're stressing about. the persh said, well, try to train your grandparents to do that? you could understand it. us old folks are not as good with the technical stuff. everywhere i vote, all the people are my age or lower. >> and as the votes are counted,
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scrolling all night. joip us at 10:00 on star 64, local 12 news, live at 11:00.
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on line, . >> and campaign 2016 coverage continues. voters may be very familiar with the presidential candidates. the same can't be said for the race to replace john boehner. >> 15 republicans, along with an unopposed candidate. larry davis joins us and joins us live in hamilton with a look on what the voters are saying. >> imagine republican voters trying to decide, who will get their vote? there's 15 republican candidates on the ballot. that number alone is confusing a number of voters. they may not decide until they pack the campaign signs into -- as a head on into the polling booth
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board of electors, predicting, 40-45 percent. it is the day, to get in from last minute campaigning, derrickson was in trenton, trying to drum up support, warren davidson was all over the district, trying to convince voters. and some candidates are following in donald trump's footsteps, portraying themselves as outsiders. there are voters who are choosing between outsiders and supporters. >> and mr. boehner, trying to represent those instead of their interest. >> i feel like we need someone in there that sticks up to repub kangs and not cave into everything what mr. obama wants to rub. blood.
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the presidential race as well. in a candidate forum, there's one candidate, in support of donald trump, she will not only build a wall along the mexican as well. it give you an idea, a lot of confusion, just few moms ago,
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for everything that's ahead. humana. start with healthy. . >> several boats and helicopter continue to search the ohio river, after several people
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the bridge during the crash. no word on how many people may have been inside the vehicle. this is the bridge that carries 275 across the river. and the accident happened around 4:30. the lanes heading into ohio are closed while the crews searched. no word whether the bridge will reopen. we have three stories. and >> and the weather will be fantastic this evening. sun sets at 7:46. you could see bright skies, blue skies and not a cloud in the sky. temperatures zoomed in the 70s this afternoon. 73 at the airport. 75 in thalmus and critton. and take a look what's happening in the west. areas like springfield,
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what's in yellow, the orange boxes are severe thunderstorm warning. that does stay to the west of us. the severe weather threat will stay to the west of us. you could see the cells developing in south eastern iowa, moving into illinois. that's where we will be tracking the potential for hail and tornadoes for -- to be with us in the evening. tornado watch goes in until 9:00 in the evening. here at home, we're quiet. we have the threat for a broken line of showers to move through. we're dry in live doppler hd. no slight risk for us. we're under a marginal risk, which is indicated, and cuts us diagonally in half. that's where we may have a potent storm, give us the gusty winds and heavy rain. that's all the threat is tonight. the small hail is ruled out. i could expect it to be gusty winds with the potent storms.
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tonight, we're dry. temperatures falling in the 60s. turning partly cloudy. it will be a nice evening. temperatures around 63 by midnight. by 1:00, western counties, they will see a couple of spotty showers. it will be a few rumbles and by 6:00, 7:00, we're dry. it's a fast-moving cold front. 60, we're see more sunshine at noon. 66 for a high tomorrow. we will see a good amount of sunshine. tomorrow, it will be the last warm day. wednesday, it will be the last hur raw. saint patty's day not too bad. 52 for friday. upper 40s for saturday. mid-40s for sunday. we get more chilly toward the weekend.
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especially as you get through monday. later tonight, up in dayton, march madness is often running the first of the playing games against the gulf course. and the destination spokane. the first round match-up against st. joe's. they are leading the cast, and time to bounce back from the incredible tough talk in the u con. >> they are ready for a run. >> the selection comes out. they are watching the players.
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chance you will hahave. . >> we're following the local breaking news alert. the search for a vehicle. witnesses say they saw is plunge off the holmes bridge near coney island. that he happened during the crash. we have three cruise working there are. as soon as there is more news to to. >> lots of sunshine. and quarter until 8:00. temperatures in the 60s, pretty much all evening long. we'll see a chance for a broken line of showers and few rumbles of thunder.
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